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Readers of all ages can sign up here for Summer 2020 at East Central Regional Library!  Click the "Register" button below!

Welcome to BookPoints!  BookPoints is application East Central Regional Library has chosen for our first ever ONLINE Summer Learning Program! 


The 2020 Summer Learning Program at East Central Regional Library has begun, and will run through August 15. This year’s theme is Dig Deeper: Read, Investigate, Discover – Reading opens doors to learning and fun! We hope you will participate by joining us and readers all across the region this summer!

Of necessity, there will be some significant changes for the 2020 program. One of the biggest will be, for the first time, readers of all ages can participate entirely online using BookPoints! The online version will be slightly different then what we are offering on paper reading logs but the amount of reading required to earn a entry into the prize drawing will remain the same. We do encourage you to chose either the online or the paper program. Another change is that readers of all ages will be able to participate throughout the ECRL region! Everyone will be able to Dig Deeper according to these recommended age ranges 0-4, 4-11, 11-18 & 18 to 1,000. There is overlap between the ages in the youth programs, we ask that cargivers and readers make the decision themselves about what program is best for them.